Aomori “Hakkoda Ropeway” reopened without passengers

Aomori “Hakkoda Ropeway” reopened may 22 without passengers 22:58

The Hakkoda Ropeway, located in the Hakkoda mountain system in Aomori Prefecture, which was temporarily closed due to the new coronavirus, has resumed operations after taking measures against infection, such as limiting the number of passengers on the day of the accident, but no passengers visited by noon, and the operating company is worried about it.

The Hakkoda Ropeway, located near the top of Mt. Tashige-dake in Aomori City, and the “Hakkoda Ropeway”, which is located in the Mt. Hakkoda system, was closed last month due to the new coronavirus, but resumed operation for the first time in about a month.

Passengers are encouraged to wear masks when they reopen, and before the operation, staff members disinfect the gondola railings and seats.

In addition, the window is always opened during the operation for ventilation, and the capacity of the passenger is limited from 100 to 30 people usually.

According to the operating company, it is that more than 100 people visit the city to look forward to the new green at this time of year, but there were no passengers by noon on the day when the service resumed.

Sotaro Suzuki of The Hakkoda Ropeway said, “The number of tourists from overseas and outside the prefecture has decreased significantly due to the new coronavirus, so I would be happy if people from within the prefecture could come first.”