Aya Yamamoto “First of all, use it until you can get the original Reveal your thoughts on your favorite guitar

BAR “SPEAKEASY” was open secretly in the age of prohibition. In 2020, there was such a secret BAR in the city of Tokyo. “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” opens at 1 a.m. on Monday through Thursday. Big guests from all over the world come and talk about talking only here, or not.

Tokyo FM’s program “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” on May 6, the customers of The Music Producer Seiji Kameda and singer-songwriter Aya Yamamoto, Sayaka Yamaguchi. We talked about our first impressions of the first meeting and the making of songs.

Aya Yamamoto and Seiji Kameda

◆”I want to cherish the feeling of being raised with a jerk after all”.

Kameda: I started to make it with a lot of people on the album, and it’s spreading a lot.

Yamamoto: It’s a mess. There are so many songs that I didn’t expect to make, so I think there are so many things i can do that are really wide.’

Kameda: How far ahead do you think about in the process of making it?

Yamamoto: I don’t really think about it. However, there are also places where i feel something like a challenge while making it. At such times, there are times when I think vaguely, “I want to make this song into shape somehow, and to shine light in some form”.

Kameda: That’s right. It’s going to be like making and finishing a song. When I say this from a music producer or arranger’ standpoint, i think this person doesn’t think about anything.

Yamamoto: That’s not true.

Kameda: First of all, i think i can really impress, and there are definitely moments like that. Even if we make it together.

Yamamoto: Yes, it is. I’m making it.

Kameda: I want to cherish the feeling that i’ve come up with a bit of a slap in the head.

Yamamoto: That’s right.

Kameda: It reminds me of live performances. Every time I play that song.

Yamamoto: That’s right. Really. You won’t forget it, will you? I remember every time I sing, and i’m more happy when i get a happy response and a good response. After all, it is a fun place to make and sing.

◆”To be a worthy person” (Yamamoto)

Kameda: How’s your guitar lately?

Yamamoto: I touch it every day.

Kameda: I upgraded my guitar to a super grade, or I bought a great guitar.

Yamamoto: That’s not the way it is. A few years ago, I bought a “White Falcon” (gretch’s top-grade electric guitar) on the show. I’m still using it. It was the most expensive guitar I had ever bought, so I tried to use it until I got the original (laughs) and buy something that was suitable for me.

At the time, I always wanted a “White Falcon”, but I thought i was still immature to deal with it. I tried my best to be the right person to be able to use a great guitar, so I haven’t touched a very good guitar yet.

Kameda: When I was asked to watch last year’s live performance, the guitar was very good and cool.

Yamamoto: Yeah! Thank you very much.

Kameda: What is it? Cool and beautiful. Hand movements. On the radio, it’s hard to express, but when you play the strings of the guitar, it’s like when you’re swinging and hitting it with a jar. Also, the way i have a guitar while singing is that i started my career as a solo artist, and by playing it many times in front of the audience, it’s cool. This is true, not flattery.

Thank you, Yamamoto. I’m happy. After all, I want to play the guitar all the time. I’m very grateful to be able to say that. That’s completely different from watching live DVDs from the first and second albums. I think that’s it, too.

Kameda: It’s amazing. Really, it’s like the evolution of Aya Yamamoto over the last few years.

Yamamoto: I still have to work hard. I’ve made a lot of music with Kameda-san, and i think the song “Ichilinsou” i made with Kameda-san will probably be a big special and important song for the rest of my life when I do it as a singer-songwriter by solo. It’s a special song for me with a lot of determination and stuff like that.

◆”We’re just getting started” (Yamamoto)

Kameda: From now on, i hope that everyday life will come back, because little by little.

Yamamoto: That’s right.

Kameda: We’re going to do music, give it back with music, and respond. What is It like in the future?

Yamamoto: If I can feel at ease and feel at ease, I hope i can start playing live again and have a good time with you all. Some songs were made because of this time, so I hope that i can finish these songs firmly and well in the present and deliver them to you when i feel comfortable.

Kameda: Yes yes. Now is the time to save power and get out of here. We are the same, and I hope that the people who listen to the music will have fun and feel at ease. Maybe, if you keep working hard, it’s coming soon.

Yamamoto: That’s right.

Kameda: While keeping dreaming… I’m still in the middle of a dream. Even an old man like this is in the middle of a dream, so Aya-chan is already in the middle of a dream.

Yamamoto: I’m just getting started, so I’m not even on the way.

Kameda: Sometimes I think I’m just getting started( laughs).

Yamamoto: Yeah! If I had just started with Kameda-san, I would have laughed.

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