BAKE, “Freshly Baked Custard Blueberry Pie” on sale for a limited time

BAKE recently launched a limited quantity of “freshly baked custard blueberry pie” for 486 yen with tax at RINGO, a domestic baked custard apple pie specialty store.

“Freshly baked custard blueberry pie” (486 yen including tax)

This product, the filling of the blueberry blended well-balanced, wrapped in pie dough kneaded with crispy cocoa folded in 144 layers, once baked pie dough, and then infused with plenty of custard cream made from Hokkaido milk. It is said that it finishes it in a taste with richness and a refreshing aftertaste.

During the period, the company also sells freshly baked custard apple pies, which are regular products.