Brother Tom, can’t do it as the script!? Episode 7 of “Meteorite Family” is playing enthusiastically with the manager of a café with a strong habit

The seventh episode of Otona’s “Meteorite Family”, starring Michiko Haneda, will be broadcast on May 23, 23:40 every Saturday.

The stage of this work is Tokyo which is destined for half a year until the earth is destroyed by the approach of a huge meteorite. The sudden housewife graduation of Kumiko Haneda, a housewife, which happens to the Kadokura family who lived happily. From there, one side that the family does not know is revealed one after another, and a serious confession is a spectacle home drama of the highlight every time. In addition to Haneda, the eldest daughter Misaki plays Izumi Rika, the second daughter’s Yui,Kitakana, her mother-in-law’s Masako, Matsubara Chieko, her husband’s Kazuhiko role, Andy Amano, and Shunsuke Nakamura in the role of Kumiko’s longing person, Kiyoto Katase.

In the midst of the meteoric approach, both the world and the Kadokura family are rattled by the “age unknown” and “enjoying the panic of the world somewhere”, and the café “Iskandar” manager, Tetsuro, played by Brother Tom, is talking about. Shota – Nakao Nobuki- is often appeared as a byte destination, “Ad lib is great”, and the topic among the staff, “I think that it is the correct way to say that it is not possible to do according to the script” is the correct way to say. In episode 7, I had a gargle as soon as I entered the store, but I thought it would be interesting if there was such a thing. If the meteorite is already falling, it’s like what you can do in front of the audience. I think it’s great that the director who gives me freedom and makes me OK is amazing.”

It is said that it was playing together on the radio with The North of the role of Yuuki, and “Kitakana was together on the radio, but free talk is interesting. You’re going to give it all back to my ad lib when you shoot this drama, right? If you’re an actress, you can’t give it back like that! I want to make the most of her free talk, but I want him to be an actor, not to appear on a variety show and not to collapse strangely. Variety is made to do anything if the program gets excited, and i think that kitakana will collapse if that happens, so I hope it’s a program that watches Kitakana properly.”

In addition, it is good to have a scene of the shock in the story of the impact , “It had been set from the beginning for a long time, so I tried to put out the weight of “I’m going to give it a rose in seven episodes” but i’ve been playing it for a long time. It was conveyed to everyone who was watching the drama, such as the shadow of its weight. It is talking meaningfully.

Finally, “This drama is like a Korean drama that was a mess about 20 years ago… I’m praising this, because it was when I liked it. The slapstick comic and dramatic mess yai, but if you look at it from one episode, you can ride the speed, but from the seven to eight episodes, it becomes like you have to get into the rope jump that is turning at a fairly fast speed. There is no drama that has cut the way of the present era, and I think it’s a really good work because it’s fun to convey a lot of messages in the form of comedy. If you only watch seven or eight episodes, you might feel like you’ve entered a movie theater in the last five minutes.

The Kadokura family began to live with Katase Nakamura as the meteorite turned around again. Masako Matsubara, who has advanced dementia, thinks of Katase as her late husband. Kumiko( Haneda) who had both a family and pure love, but it was complicated to learn that Katase was in debt from Kazuhiko Amano. It was The Moon North, who refused to escape the earth, but in addition to the persuasion of Shota -Nakao,he was forced to make a decision of tears, tears, and tears when he heard a certain secret that his family had hidden. However, the emergency is not enough to end with the excitement of Kazuhiko.