Chiba Prefecture Measures of request for closure to ease the relaxation in four stages for each industry

Chiba Prefecture Measures of the request for closure to ease in four stages for each industry May 22 at 8:15

Chiba Prefecture has established a policy of mitigating the number of new infected people in each industry in four stages, while making a series of measures for the number of requests for leave based on the emergency declaration, and then making requests again if it exceeds them.
Chiba Prefecture, which has been foreseen the cancellation of the emergency declaration, is considering measures to ease the request for closure and prepare for the second wave of infection, but the specific stipulations have been found.

Accordingly, the relaxation of the request for closure will proceed at the stage, and the first day of the 22nd, the request for libraries and museums will be canceled.

After that, while looking at the situation of infection, as the second stage, such as university and driving school, we will consider lifting the request to pachinko parlors and game centers in the third stage.

And finally, as a fourth step, we’re going to consider lifting sports clubs, karaoke shops and nightclubs.

On the other hand, in order to quickly understand the signs of the second wave of infection, we have set up three indicators that are a measure of the number of new infections per day in the last week, and the positive rate of those who have been confirmed by the test is 3.5% or more.

If the index is exceeded, it is said that it raises an “alarm” on its own, and the request is made again if the infection spreads further.

Chiba Prefecture has decided to announce this policy on The 22th.