China Corona ‘Second Wave’ Warning Measures Use facial recognition technology

China Corona “Second Wave” Warning Measures May 22, 15:00

In China, while economic activity is resuming, we are wary of the “second wave” of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and measures to prevent infection using Artificial Intelligence are also being promoted.

Of these, an IT company in Beijing has developed a system of surveillance cameras equipped with facial recognition technology that can measure body temperature in infrared light, instantly identifying people with higher body temperature than predetermined settings and sounding warning sounds.

It is already introduced in schools and corporate offices, as well as in public transportation places such as airports.

In addition, surveillance cameras using facial recognition technology are installed in tourist areas and other places where many people visit, and measures are taken to trace the past behavior of infected people.

If an infected person is visiting a place where a surveillance camera is installed, entering information such as a photo of a person can instantly find the captured image and trace it back in the past.

It is an application of a system that was originally introduced for the purpose of crime prevention measures such as the search for criminals, and it is said that it is possible to identify the person who came in strong contact with the infected person.

A representative for the company that developed the system said, “With this system, we can quickly find the trajectory of the infected person and the person who was in contact with the area. Big data plays a lot of the role of preventing infection, and we want to further improve the accuracy of data analysis and focus on infection prevention.”