Companies that have established a “corona nursing leave” system in preparation for the infection of their families and relatives

Companies with a “Corona nursing leave” system to prepare for the infection of their families and relatives may 22 at 4:47 a.m.

In anticipation of a prolonged battle with the new coronavirus, some companies have set up a nursing leave system that can be obtained in the event of an infection with a family member.
Nursing leave is originally a vacation that can be taken if a pre-elementary school child gets sick or injured, but a venture company in Shibuya, Tokyo, which develops a health care system for companies, last month established a “corona nursing leave” system in case of the new coronavirus infection by the families and relatives of employees.

In the event of an employee’s spouse, parent, child, or sibling, you can take up to two weeks of paid leave, including saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, up to one person separately from regular paid leave.

Yusuke Nakano, an executive officer with a sister with a congenital incurable disease, came up with the idea of what to do if his parents, who live with her sister, were infected.

A male employee, who has two children in his 10s, said, “I was relieved to have this system because if my wife was infected, I would have to take care of my children.”

A female employee said, “I want to take a break from work and rush to take care of my parents if they are infected. It’s hard to rest because my family is worried about me, so I think i can work with peace of mind because of this system.”

Mr. Nakano, executive officer of iCARE, said, “I thought that it was possible for everyone who had not only myself but also a family member. As a company, we want to create an environment where employees can feel uneasy by securing a safety net and work with peace of mind.”