Daiwa Securities Group Inc. to continue telework after emergency declaration lifted

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. To Continue Telework After Emergency Declaration Release May 22 at 4:29

Daiwa Securities Group Inc., a major securities company, plans to continue after all emergency declarations have been lifted for telework that began in the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Telework employees can also buy and sell the shares they have ordered at home, and the way the securities industry works is likely to change significantly.
Daiwa Securities Group Inc. is teleworkd for all employees in response to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Of these, approximately 10,000 employees, mainly in the sales department, are distributed dedicated terminals that can handle various tasks such as ordering stock buying and selling, opening accounts, and creating materials.

With this terminal, even employees who were mainly in face-to-face sales can also buy and sell shares by receiving orders from individual customers at home, so that there is no hindrance to telework work.

As a result, Yamato decided to continue telework after all declarations of emergency were lifted. In accordance with this, we are also considering reviewing the evaluation system for employees who continue telework.

Seiji Nakata, President of Daiwa Securities Group Inc., said, “I think it will be more efficient for the sales department to use telework at about three percent. I think we will be able to establish a way of working in the age of Wizcorona, using telework together.”