Dan Carter leaves Kobe Steel, former New Zealand national team member of rugby

Dan Carter resigned from Kobe Steel rugby former New Zealand national team May 22 at 21:36

Kobe Steel, the rugby top league player, has announced that former New Zealand international star Dan Carter will leave the team. Carter is 38 years old and is undecided about his retirement from active duty.
Carter is a star player who helped New Zealand win the World Cup twice and joined Kobe Steel.

Last season, the first year, he was named the best player to win the league title for the first time in 15 seasons, but this season all official matches, including the league scheduled for April due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, ended the season.

Carter then returned to New Zealand and continued to negotiate a stay at Kobe Steel, but his intention was firm and his two-year contract expired and he was set to leave.

Carter said at a press conference that he was “going to end his career in Kobe”, but according to the club, he is undecided about his retirement.

Carter said through the club: “I am happy to have won the championship and made a new history for the team. I am grateful to my teammates and fans for making the time I spent in Kobe so good.”