Domestic infected person son, dead, and the Corona Virus excluded from the cruise ship.

Domestic Infected Person Several Dead 814 People (excluding cruise ship) Corona Virus May 22 21:25

So far, there have been new announcements of infections of people, including people in Kanagawa Prefecture, people in Hokkaido, and people in Tokyo. A total of 15 people died. The number of people who have been confirmed to be infected in Japan is 1,000,000, including quarantine at the airport, and the passengers and crew of the cruise ship are people. In addition, the deaths of people were announced in Tokyo, kanagawa prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, and Hyogo Prefecture, respectively, and the number of people who died was 814 people infected in Japan and 827 on board the cruise ship.
According to each municipality, the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected in Japan is cumulative.
Tokyo has 5,136 people
Osaka Prefecture has 1,781 people
Kanagawa Prefecture has 1,320 people
1030 people in Hokkaido
Saitama Prefecture has 995 people
898 people in Chiba Prefecture
Hyogo Prefecture has 699 people
Fukuoka Prefecture has 658 people
509 people in Aichi Prefecture
358 people in Kyoto Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture has 294 people
Toyama Prefecture has 227 people
Ibaraki Prefecture has 168 people.
Hiroshima Prefecture has 167 people.
150 people in Gifu Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture has 149 people
142 people in Okinawa
Fukui Prefecture has 122 people
99 people in Shiga Prefecture
91 people in Nara Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture has 88 people.
82 people in Niigata Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture has 81 people
Ehime Prefecture has 78 people.
Nagano Prefecture has 76 people.
74 people in Shizuoka and Kochi prefectures
Yamagata Prefecture has 69 people.
Tochigi Prefecture has 64 people
Wakayama Prefecture has 63 people.
Yamanashi and Oita prefectures
Kumamoto Prefecture has 48 people.
Saga Prefecture has 47 people.
Mie Prefecture has 45 people.
Yamaguchi Prefecture has 37 people.
Kagawa Prefecture has 28 people.
Aomori Prefecture has 27 people
Okayama Prefecture has 25 people.
Shimane Prefecture has 24 people.
17 people in Nagasaki and Miyazaki prefectures
16 people in Akita Prefecture
There are 10 people in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Tokushima Prefecture is a person
There are three people in Tottori Prefecture.

In addition, the
A total of 318 people were confirmed in quarantine at the airport.
Fourteen people returned from China on charter planes.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, severely ill persons must be
176 people infected in Japan,
There are a total of 180 people on board the cruise ship.

On the other hand, people who have been discharged from the hospital with improved symptoms
13,005 people infected in Japan,
The cruise ship has a total of 653 passengers and crew members.

In addition, on the 20th of this month, 6,135 PCR tests were conducted on the day of the preliminary report.