Dr. Canned Food’s Rare Cans, Delicious Cans and Consent Cans 106th The Idea of Bacon in Canned Food

Speaking of the snack can-do section of convenience stores, beef yamato boiled rice and red shellfish were lined up at yakitoyaki, and it was a very sober impression. Now there are fashionable canned foods such as bacon and mussels. Thanks to this, the image of canned snacks has changed a lot.

Did you just say bacon? And, it is Dr. Canned that has cut in. “You know, canned bacon is special. It takes at least four hours to talk about the topic.”

It is impossible to listen to the story for four hours for the time being, so please summarize it in writing as usual.

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Kokusai- Cantou, Miyazaki Prefecture Kirishima Black Pork Bacon Tax-Excluded

First, a can of thick sliced bacon

It smells like appetizing smoke. The juice of the meat which overflows with salt. Oh, bacon is a dream food.

But bacon doesn’t last long. That’s why I thought it would be good if it could be canned. I’m not the only one who thought so, and there’s a bacon can called Yoders in America. But you can’t buy Yoders in Japan. Do you want to do it.

It was the national can that blew away the sadness. The “thick sliced bacon” can, released in 2012, is, as far as I know, is the first bacon can in Japan.

Kokusai- Can pinch, thick sliced bacon honey mustard flavor tax 400 yen

Introducing new species further

The image above is “Honey mustard flavor of thick sliced bacon”. The stylish flavor of honey mustard is soaked in the meat and goes well with beer and sour.

In addition, there is a hand to topping the ramen as well as a snack ( it becomes charshoe style).

This thick-cut bacon can, which is always in the top three of the cans, is also a horse, but Kokusei is also introducing a new species. This is “Kirishima Black Pork Bacon from Miyazaki Prefecture”.

The Appearance and Introspection of Kirishima Black Pork Bacon from Miyazaki Prefecture

Is it a dream?

Now, please recite today. Open cans!
Beautiful three-piece meat where fat and meat overlap like strata. It is thinly sliced and stuffed into the can. The greasy greasy on the surface, and rising from there is an example of a bonfire icy smell.

It is soft so that fat and meat melt if it sticks one bite. The taste of the salty and the black pepper is a great appetite. Is it a dream or is this a dream?

Bacon Sushi

I can do it because it’s a can.

It is a good way to get it. I combined the bacon with plum meat, large leaves, and white sesame seeds and made it “bacon rice” and “bacon rice bath”.

All canned toe series are “sake knobs”, all of which are seasoned well (which is better than sake). Therefore, the basic seasoning is finished when it is matched with white rice thus. It is how to use only in the can-toe series.

This bacon is made from Kirishima black pork, so it’s soft so that the meat is melted. And, fat is not hard. The melting point of the fat seems to be slightly higher than other pork, and the fat does not remain in the mouth by it, and the aftertaste seems to be refreshing.

By the way, i added canned juice to the water when i cooked rice. The fat and the smell of bacon, and the black pepper and the salt were included, so it was only horse and cooked rice.

Canned Information
Kokusai- Cantou, Miyazaki Prefecture Kirishima Black Pork Bacon Tax-Excluded
Can be purchased at the national antenna shop “ROJI” site.

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