Elementary school closed in the Corona Virus elementary school self-portrait of children in the window Fukui Ono

Elementary school closed in the Corona Virus School window children’s self-portrait Fukui Ono May 22 14:03

At an elementary school in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, which is closed due to the effects of the new coronavirus, a self-portrait of children’s smiles was put out to the school building ahead of the resumption of classes from next month.

Shimosho Elementary School in Ono city decided to display a self-portrait of a smile on the children of the school in order to encourage children who are closed to spend a positive time.

The self-portrait was submitted last week and the teachers stuck it on the window on the second floor of the school building to make it easier to see from outside the school building.

Shimojo Elementary School, where parents visit the school every Friday to receive assignments, but in response to the lifting of self-imposed curfews in Fukui Prefecture, many children also visited on the 22nd, looking for their own works while looking at self-portraits posted all over the window.

The girl in the sixth grade of elementary school said, “When I looked at the picture, everyone seemed to be fine. I want to meet everyone at school.”

Fathers who visited school with their children said, “It’s a very good initiative to see a lot of smiles from the children. I hope that the school will start early and that the children will be able to move as much as they want.”

Shimojo Elementary School is scheduled to start classes next month, and children’s self-portraits will be on display until the 27th of this month.