Enjoy adult time with “matcha sushi” papico, giant corn, and ice cream fruit

It’s getting hot every day, and it’s the season when you want to eat ice cream in earnest. As a limited-time product of Glico’s long-selling “Papico”, “Giant Corn”, and “Ice Nuts”, “Papico”, “Adult Wagokoro Dark Matcha”, “Giant Corn”, “Adult Wagokoro Dark Matcha”, “Ice Fruit”, “Adult’s Thick Matcha”, released on June 22, 2020, is a new product. I enjoyed the rich time in the japanese life of the adult ahead of one foot.

Let’s spend time in the house to settle down with the deep matcha series of adults’ wagokoro

Compare eating Japanese matcha ice cream

The japanese-grown Matcha Series is supervised by Katsu Kikuoka, one of Japan’s leading tea makers, who has won the National Tea Judging Technology Competition twice. In accordance with the characteristics of “Papiko”, “Giant Corn”, and “Ice Fruit”, we use 100- and 100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-long Uji matcha from Kyoto Uji’s long-established tea brand “Mori-semi”, which was originally blended for this purpose. It is a new product that is packed with attention to enjoy the taste and sweetness of matcha while taking advantage of the taste of familiar popular products.

“Giant Corn” Adult Wagokoro Dark Matcha 180 yen excluding tax

The package is also shiv “Giant Corn”, “Adult Wagokoro Dark Matcha”

The matcha sauce that comes out on the way is quite rich and impactful.

All topping chocolate crunch ice sauce sat in the forest half of the matcha. Matcha lovers should not be able to resist.

All of the topping chocolate crunch ice sauce sat in the forest and half of the matcha, and you can feel the taste of matcha from the first bite to the end of the meal. When I went on eating ice cream, a dark green green tea sauce came out from the inside! The rich sauce made it enjoyable to taste the taste of the stage. Adult sweets that feel bitterness.

“Ice Cream Fruit saigokoro adult wagokoro dark matcha” (180 yen excluding tax)

“Ice cream fruit saigokoro dark matcha” stands out for the flavor of natural matcha without fragrance or artificial coloring

Enjoy 12 rich one by one the taste of calm Japanese

No fragrance or artificial colorant. While feeling the flavor of the mellow matcha, it is a calm japanese taste that makes your heart feel at ease when you roll it in your mouth. Because there are plenty of 12 pieces, I want to enjoy a relaxing home time while relaxing.

“Papiko- Adult Wagokoro Dark Matcha” (180 yen excluding tax)

Everyone’s favorite papico is matcha to taste adults

You can bring out the taste of matcha with an arrangement recipe.

Everyone has loved it since childhood, and papico is also transformed into an adult taste with a dark matcha. It’s delicious even if you eat it normally, but it’s also a good idea to try it. Put papico in a blender and serve with whipped cream and mashed rice, and then try it to be a matcha frappuccino-like Japanese sweets. The flavor of matcha, the refined sweetness and bitterness match the fresh cream and the sweetness. This is also not used for fragrances and colorants.

When I’m in my room every day, I tend to eat this and that. Even in order to apply the sharpness of work and private, try to spend a dense home time in the deep matcha series of adults.

Author: Takayuki Okamoto

Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1971. In addition to music coverage, he has covered and written a wide range of topics, including gourmet interviews and various cultural experience reports. My favorite rc success album is BLUE. His hobby is watching professional wrestling and martial arts. His books include “I LIKE YOU Kiyoshiro Kanno” (Edited by Takayuki Okamoto and Shinsha Kawade Shobo)