Even if the number of games decreases, the goal does not change! Seibu and Yamakawa “I want to hit the 40-year-old”

◆ Also mention disseminating information on SNS

Seibu’s Hotaka Yamakawa spoke about the team and his current situation in response to an online interview using the web conferencing service ZOOM.

Seibu started the separation practice at the MetLife Dome on The 18th of this month, but Yamakawa said, “It’s going to be a lot of impatience. There were parts that were able to be done as i imagined and parts that were not, so now i’m practicing to get a good result when the season is over. I don’t think it’s all at the start of the season, so I imagine the team will finish well at the end of the season.”

The opening of the next month is the shortest time, but with regard to his motivation, he said, “I think the opening day will be raised from the day before”, and when it comes to coordination, “it’s the first time, so I don’t know if it’s going to work. I have no choice but to die crazy.”

In the future, there will be a red-and-white match and practice matches, but “I was in good shape in the open game, so it would be great if I could go as well as that. But even after the season, I hope it will come back.”

And, even though the number of games is certain to decrease, there is no change in aiming at the home base king. The home run is “I want to hit nearly 40. I’m practicing for that,” he said, and even though it was not easy, he showed the title holder’s possession, saying, “I really want to hit 40 even if it’s 100 even if it’s 143 games.”

Regarding the fact that they have set up a place to connect through social networks, such as answering fan questions on InstaLive on the day of the off-practice period, he said, “I would never do it unless i was in this situation. I was happy to see a lot of reactions, and i’m glad i did it because there are people who are looking forward to it.”

“Up until now, I’ve been thinking about myself, but I once again felt the meaning of the power of the fans. I wanted to be able to repay the favor in a different way, but it is the best that i can return the favor in baseball originally. From here on, I think the best thing to do is to play a hot game even if it’s not in the audience.” Through his own play, the bandit’s general vowed to give the fans strength again.