Expansion of the target of the sustainable benefit, and the business of the establishment is also targeted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Expansion of the scope of sustained benefits Also for businesses founded May 22, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 20:56

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that it would add certain conditions to the benefits, such as those who had just been founded, with regard to “sustained benefits” that provide cash to businesses that had fallen sharply due to the new coronavirus.
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama held a press conference this afternoon to clarify that he would expand the scope of sustained benefits.

Accordingly, the business operators that were founded, which were not previously targeted, will also be added to the target.

The company was founded between January and the end of March, and sales for any month were down more than 50% from the average from January to March.

In addition, those who have filed a tax return as “miscellaneous income” or “salary income” of the freelance rendezthough they can apply.

If you are able to confirm that you are doing business, you will need to submit a certificate of withholding or payment to prove your contract or payment.

In principle, applications will be made online, and we plan to start accepting applications by the middle of next month.

Sustained benefits are targeted at businesses whose sales have fallen significantly, but there have been growing calls for support as many businesses are not eligible.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama said, “We will hurry to build detailed design and necessary systems, and we will do our best to provide them as soon as possible.”