Foreign Minister Mogi considers permission if humanitarian considerations are needed to re-enter the country.

Foreign Minister Mogi May 22, 15:25

In principle, the re-entry of foreigners with a living base in Japan is also denied in principle by the government’s measures to deny foreigners entry as a new coronavirus measure, Foreign Minister Mogi expressed his intention to consider allowing humanitarian considerations if necessary.
As a water-level measure for the new coronavirus, the government is currently taking measures to deny foreigners from 100 countries and regions the entry of foreigners, and even foreigners who have a base of living in Japan are not allowed to enter Japan again once they return to their home countries unless there are any special circumstances.

At the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, an independent Member Of The Foreign Affairs Committee, Kazunori Inoue, a Korean man living in Japan, said that although his mother in South Korea had died, he had temporarily abandoned his return to Japan, citing that he had given up on returning home, and that he should specify an exception to allow re-entry.

In response, Mr. Miyazaki, The Minister of Justice, said, “It is difficult to clearly indicate in advance when special circumstances are to be made. If there is a consultation, we will listen to the specific circumstances and make appropriate decisions.”

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Mogi said, “In the future, in the circumstances of the special circumstances, humanitarian reasons should be considered sufficiently. I would like to consider how to make it clear mainly of the Ministry of Justice. If you need humanitarian consideration, we are thinking about allowing it.”