Former Japan Rugby National Team Member Ohno Hitoshi “Never Left Behind” Retirement Press Conference

Former Japan Rugby National Team Member Ohno Hitoshi “Never Left Behind” Retirement Press May 22 17:47

Ono, who played in the most successful rugby match of all time, held a press conference on Sunday to retire from active duty, saying, “Japan’s progress in the World Cup and the rise of young players are very reliable and i have never left to play as a player.”
Ono, who belongs to Toshiba in the top leagues, played in the most of the most matches of all time as a Japanese national team, including being selected for the World Cup national team for consecutive tournaments, with a fierce bump and plenty of momentum that made the most of his physique.

Ono announced his retirement from active duty this month, and at a press conference held on the web on Sunday, “It’s still burning in the ashes, but i had a knee injury for about a year and didn’t recover. Last year’s World Cup breakthrough and the rise of Toshiba’s young players were very reliable and I have never left to do as a player any more.”

Looking back on the historic victory over South Africa in the 2015 World Cup and the victory over the powerhouse Wales in 2013, he said: “I’m impressed with all the matches I’ve played in the cherry jersey. I remember i couldn’t see the ground in tears against Wales.”

As for Fukushima Prefecture, where he was born, he said, “I have continued to want to play a game where i can forget the pain of rugby even for a moment while there are still people who are suffering from the earthquake. I’ve learned the strength of the people in Fukushima and played so far, so I’d like to give back in rugby.”

On top of that, he said, “I was able to fulfill my career thanks to the cheers i’ve been able to cheer on both inside and outside the stadium. In the future, I want to find a way that only I can do, and contribute to the japanese rugby world.”