Former Minsha Party Former Chairman Saburo Tsukamoto Dies

Former Minsha Party Former Chairman Saburo Tsukamoto Dies, Age, May 22, 15:48

Mr. Saburo Tsukamoto, a former member of the House of Representatives who served as chairman of the former Minsha Party, died at his home in Nagoya on Sunday. He was 93.
Mr. Tsukamoto was elected for the first time in the House of Representatives election in The Showa Era, and was elected a combined election.

During this period, he participated in the formation of the Former Democratic Party, and after serving as deputy secretary general, he became secretary-general in The Showa Era, where he served for more than a year.

In Showa 60, he became the party’s fifth chairman, took over the lineage of Kazuyuki Kasuga, who served as the third chairman, and promoted the so-called “self-citizens’ route”, which emphasizes cooperation between the LDP and the Komeito Party.

At the Regular Diet session of the Showa Era, the abduction by North Korea was addressed in a representative question to the policy speech of then Prime Minister Takeshita.

However, in the first year of Heisei, he resigned as chairman in connection with the recruitment scandal.

After the Democratic Party of Japan, he joined the LDP and later retired from politics.