Free offering of specially produced onions to all households In Hokkaido Furano

Free offering of specially produced onions to all households Hokkaido Furano May 22 13:30

In order to encourage people who are not going out due to the new coronavirus to use it for home cooking, Hokkaido Furano City has started an initiative to provide local specially produced onions to all households for free.

This initiative was planned by Furano City after receiving a donation of a ton of onions from a local agricultural cooperative. Over 10,000 households in the city will be offered approximately 1 km free of charge.

Families visited the city’s cultural hall at the start of the morning, and received a bag containing onions in exchange for a pre-mailed ticket.

According to the city, in order to prevent the so-called “dense” condition, the venue was dispersed in a place, and the new coronavirus was thoroughly implemented while preventing infection.

A woman in her 30s who visited with her two-year-old daughter said, “I have more opportunities to cook at home, so it’s great to be free. I want to make sandwiches with my daughter.”

The mayor of Furano City, Toshitoshi Kita, said, “As life continues at home, I think the mood is getting depressed. I want them to use it for cooking and get better.”