G-cup Mizusaki Yumi, sexy appeal in perforated swimsuit

Gravure idol Yumi Mizusaki has released her latest image DVD,”Feeling to Play”, which is released for 4,180 yen with tax.

Yumi Mizusaki released the DVD “Feeling of Playing”

From 2013 to 2016, Yumi Mizusaki attracted attention by appearing regularly in nhk e-tele “R’s Law” as a regular. The gravure is also active, and it has won the 1st Photogenic Japan Contest Daily Sports Shimbun Award, armed with a miraculous body and a cup bust from above. Her latest work is a g-cup bust and plenty of adult pheromones.

While the story progresses in the situation of spending a moment with a boyfriend, she appeals to the bust of the G cup in a racy swimsuit. On the beach, all swimsuits are highly exposed, such as wearing micro bikinis with minimal cloth area. In the scene of the bed which appears in the second half, the seduction point of the temptation like the color is turned to the camera and it is annoyed. It has become the most aggressive scene, such as wearing a tube top-style swimsuit of the swimsuit.