Gachapin, this time newscaster “to help everyone even a little”

Popular character Gachapin is a caster news program[Gachapin News it]. But it started delivering on the 22nd.

Gachapin, Left, and Takuya Kimura Announcer S.A. Fuji TV

This is a news program broadcast on Fuji TV system “Live News it!”. This is a spin-off program by Gachapin, who is serving as a weather caster on weekday sweekly and fridays at 15:50.

Why is a Benomask so unpopular? Is the Capitol not going to be “dense”? We will carefully explain the news that is worrisome, so that even children can easily understand.

With Gachapin, i’ll tell you “Live News it”. But takuya Kimura, a caster announcer. There is also a performance that can be laughed at while welcoming reporters, commentators, and guest commentators to the studio.

The distribution is the entertainment media operated by Fuji TV “Fuji TV!!” and watch original sites, YouTube, Yahoo! Timeline videos, and more. It will also be delivered on the original website of FNN Prime Online, operated by 28 Fuji TV stations, and on official Twitter.

Gachapin said, “Corona-related news is reported every day now, but it’s a little difficult to understand everything. If you watch this program, you’ll tell your friends, school teachers, dads, and moms, “I know the latest news!” I might be able to boast! I hope we can understand the difficult news together. I will do my best to be of service to everyone even a little. Nice to meet you! and comments.

Takuya Kimura said, “In the wake of the stay home period, “What is this?” has not decreased the chance to ask people? Such a familiar “?” I’d like to share with gachapin in an easy-to-understand way!” It is talking.

(C) Gachamuk