Gifu Castle and “Kirin Coming” Daiga Drama Museum reopened from today Gifu

Gifu Castle and “Kirin Coming” Daiga Drama Museum Reopened From Today Gifu May 22 16:04

Due to the new coronavirus, Gifu Castle, which has been closed since last month, and The Daiga Drama Museum, which introduces the world of “Kirin Coming”, has been reopened since The Sun, and many people are visiting the museum.
Gifu Castle, located at the top of Mt. Kinka in Gifu City, was home to Nobunaga Oda during the Sengoku period, and kotoshi attracted attention for its broadcast of “Kirin Coming”.

Many people visited the day, which resumed for the first time in about a month and a half, and after filling in the name and contact information on the card at the entrance of the castle, it entered the castle with restrictions of up to 1,000 people, and enjoyed the view seen from the top of the mountain.

A man in his 30s in Gifu City said, “We went up the mountain trail to reopen today. The view from above is beautiful.”

In addition, the Daiga Drama Museum in Gifu City, which was set up at the Foot Museum, was reopened from The Sun, and we were asked to enter while checking the temperature of the visitors with the thermography at the entrance.

Takeo Kumagai, head of the Daiga Drama Promotion Division in Gifu City, said, “We are taking measures to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus so that visitors can see the exhibit with peace of mind.”

In addition to Gifu City, the Daiga Drama Museum is located in Kani city and Ena city, and both have been reopened since The Sun.