Handsome actor Aoki Fukushi is on the cover of “TV Guide dan”, approaching the charm that does not change even in the 10th year of the debut

Actor Aoi Fukushi, who is in his 10th year, is on the cover of “TV Guide dan vol.30”, which will be released on Friday, May 22.

【Photos】 Amazon limited edition cover, another cut of Fukushi Aoki

“TV Guide dan” is the latest gravure movie magazine featuring young actors who are now looking around. In vol.30, which was released on May 22, Fukushi Aoki, who starred in the BS period dramatization of The Meiji Kaika Shinjuro Detective Cho, nhk Bs Premium, was on the cover. How does Fukushi challenge the new suspense approaching the love and hatred of man who enters the Meiji era? His thoughts on his work and his 10th year of his debut are still in the works.

In addition to the stage “Re-Followers”, Ryuji Sato, who has appeared in a number of 2.5-dimensional works, appeared on the back cover of SPECIAL At the end of the book. Other, super express, Isomura Yuto, Okada Takeshi, Sato Daiki, Furukawa Yudai, Kaneko Daichi, Ozawa Ren × Motoki Seiya × ChenUchi Masaru, CUBERS, etc. published in full monopoly taken. In addition, you can watch the making video during the shooting through the QR code in this magazine, you can enjoy not only in the magazine but also in the video.