High school total cancellation To conduct online lectures of top athletes in all 30 competitions

High School Cancellation May 22 to conduct online lectures of top athletes in all 30 competitions May 22 9:42

In response to the cancellation of the national high school total, the National High School Sports Federation and sponsoring companies invited top players to teach as instructors in all 30 high school competitions to support high school students in difficult situations, and in interviews with officials.
The whole nation’s high school sought to be canceled for the first time in history due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and there have been a series of disappointments from high school students who were aiming to participate.

In response to this, it was found in interviews with the participants that the major pharmaceutical companies of Takahitoren and their sponsors invited top players to their lecturers in all 30 high school competitions.

The aim is to overcome difficult situations and to change our minds toward the next goal, and each competition will be held for high school members, coaches, managers, etc. from all over the country.

The first lecture will be boxing on the 26th of this month, and world champion Ryota Murata will teach. In addition, a pair of former Japan national team goalkeepers, Noki Kawaguchi, who was selected as the national team’s representative for the World Cup, and Yuki Fukushima and Ayaka Hirota, who won the Women’s Doubles at the British Open, will be the instructors in badminton.

The lecture will be distributed on the Internet and can be viewed for free, and students will be invited to the fourth and subsequent lectures.

One of the organizers said, “I hope that not only do top players hear about their experiences of overcoming difficulties, but also that they can encourage students to spit out their thoughts and move forward.”