In Japan and around the world. To keep all Porscherunning, the world-standard “Porsche Classic”

With the technology and knowledge that Porsche AG has cultivated over the years, and more than 52,000 genuine parts, the Porsche Classic is the department that maintains the restore of the classic model. Its service base, Porsche Classic Partner, is deployed in various countries, and there are four offices in Japan. Introducing Porsche’s efforts to take charge of tradition and innovation.

The Porsche Museum, adjacent to the Porsche headquarters plant in Zuffenhausen, on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany, is a concept of rolling museums. Most of the approximately 400 owned vehicles are self-propelled and are frequently involved in races and events, so exhibit vehicles are regularly replaced. The museum itself means to keep running. It was a rest ing center in porsche company to have supported it for many years.

Using the know-how that has been cultivated over many years, porsche classic, which undertakes the service of not only its own vehicles but also classic vehicles owned by general customers, was launched in Germany about five years ago. The classic vehicle here is a model that has been in production for more than ten years. Including 356 and successive 911, 924, 944, 968, 928, such as 911 and type 986 of type 996 as a recent model is also eligible. The main job of the Porsche Classic is to maintain the condition of porsche vehicles. For this purpose, we manufacture and supply more than 52,000 classic classic parts. In the Porsche Classic, modern tires are put on classic models and tested to create a suitable list. As for oil, the modern low viscosity of 100% chemical synthetic oil is not suitable for classic models, so it is the first time to jointly develop a new oil for air-cooled horizontally opposed engines with german manufacturers.

OriginalE, a genuine parts catalog that contains them, not only can you search for parts, but also introduce stoicity of development secrets and commitment to technology, and you can enjoy them as reading materials. The Japanese version is also released in the second issue, so that even if you are not a Porsche owner, there are people who buy it. Porsche Classic aims to “keep all Porsches as the original Porsche”, and named the parts catalog that way.

In addition, Porsche Classic is developing a classic service base called “Porsche Classic Partner”, which has specialized training mechanics and maintenance facilities, including exhibition spaces dedicated to classic cars, to ensure that such services can be accessed not only in their home countries but also around the world.

In March 2015, Porsche Center Aoyama Setagaya Certified Used Car Center was certified by Porsche AG as Japan’s first Porsche Classic partner. There are currently four Porsche Classic partners in Porsche Center Nagoya, Porsche Center Yokohama Aoba Certified Used Car Center, Porsche Center Sakai and Japan. Kenji Irie, manager of Porsche Japan After sales department, said, “Porsche has professed that about half of the vehicles produced are still owned and run in some countries in the world, but one of its goals is to continue to maintain the situation in Japan as well. Japan is the fifth largest market in the world when it comes to classics. Now i’m a little calm, but due to the soaring price of used cars, led by the air-cooled model, japanese classic models have been leaked to Europe and elsewhere. There are a lot of vehicles with good storage state that the maintenance history remains firmly in Japan. If possible, I would like people to take over the car in Japan, and to take over not only Porsche but also the entire classic car as a culture.”

While Porsche always values tradition, it has always been innovative. Even as the era of electrification comes, we will continue to run on both the wheels of tradition and innovation.