Increase di-counseling “Corona is a factor or as much support as one person”

Increase d.c. consultation “Corona is a factor or as much support as one person” Women’s Active Minister May 22 16:14

Last month, consultations with support centers across the country about domestic violence increased by approximately three percent from the same month of the previous year. Minister for Women’s Participation Hashimoto expressed his intention to continue to support the new coronavirus, saying that the reason sabbing from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus virus was seen as a factor.
This was announced at a press conference on Wednesday by The Minister for Women’s Participation in Hashimoto.

Accordingly, last month, the consultation on the spousal violence counseling support center in the whole country was a case, and it was about the same month of the previous year.

It is thought that the cause is that the anxiety and the stress to the life increase by the call of going out and the absence by the spread of the infection of the new coronavirus, and the damage of ??

Minister Hashimoto said, “It is important to support as many people as possible who are being affected. We would like to continue to make efforts to ensure that the consultation desks are well-known and that they are supporting private shelters.”