Interview from high school officials for “September Admission” Liberal-Democratic Work Team

“September Admission” Interview from high school officials, Liberal-Democratic Working Team May 22, 20:48

In response to the prolonged closure of the school due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the LDP’s working team, which is considering “September admission,” held a hearing from high school officials.
Yukio Yanagisawa, head of Kita Kamakura Women’s School, said, “We propose to permanently enter The Month of Enrollment in order to ensure time to absorb the effects of infections and waves when they come.”

On the other hand, Satoshi Ogihara, president of the National Association of Senior High School Seniors, said, “There are too many issues such as changes to the school system, the personnel of teachers, and the reorganization of the curriculum as a whole, so we should carefully consider them.”

In addition, the university entrance examination center side explained that it is difficult to postpone the schedule when considering the individual examination etc. of the university under the current system about the university entrance examination scheduled for next month at the meeting on the day.

The work team will compile the proposals and submit them to the government by the beginning of next month.