It’s a good place to be! : Tv animation postponed broadcast start in October

Mimizu Kasumi, known for his manga “Laki☆ Souta”, is working on the original illustration of the tv animation “Maesetsu”. It was found that the broadcast was postponed from this summer, which was scheduled. It was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. It will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other locations from October.
 The animation depicts four people, Who ibee Fubuki, YabuYu, Shintani Rin, and Asao Gion Yotsu, work hard at the practice of the story and aim to be a comedian, while spending time in part-time at night. Directed by Yu Shinda, such as “High School Fleet”, studio five pairs, Produced by AXsiZ. Yoshimoto Kogyo will cooperate in the project.
 Onishi Akari, Hiromi Ohvaca, Hiromi Igarashi and Sakura Nakamura appear as voice actors.