Japanese trading company-funded hospital opening in Turkey to accept corona infected people

Japanese trading company-funded hospital opening in Turkey may 22 to accept the person infected in Corona 10:00

In Turkey, where the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a large-scale hospital funded by a Japanese trading company was completed and opened ahead of its original schedule to accept those infected with the virus.

More than 150,000 people have been infected with the new coronavirus in Turkey so far, the ninth largest in the world.

As the medical field was busy responding, a general hospital built in istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, funded by Japan’s leading trading company Sojitz, opened, and President Erdogan attended and held a commemorative ceremony. Prime Minister Abe also participated in the ceremony at a televised conference from Japan.

The hospital was named “Cham Sakura City Hospital”, which combines the Turkish word “Cham”, which means pine, which is familiar to the Turkish people, and the Cherry Blossoms of Japan.

The number of beds will rise to 2,682 beds, and in order to accept infected people with the new coronavirus, the original plan will be opened about a month ahead of schedule, and will be jointly operated by sojitz and Turkish local companies.

Shohei Aida of Sojitz, who is in charge of this hospital business, said, “I feel a lot of high expectations and i feel that my body is tightening. I want to do my best to contribute to Turkey.”