Judo practice is phased out from June in the municipality of dedeclared the Corona Virus

Judo practice step-by-step from June in the municipality of the dedeclared Corona Virus May 22 19:04

The All-Japan Judo Federation, which is calling for self-imposed control of the practice to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, has compiled a guideline that will allow the prevention of infection in stages from next month for practice in local governments where emergency declarations have been lifted, and has been informed nationwide on Tuesday.
Since the declaration of an emergency was issued last month, All Judo athletes, including representativeathletes of the Tokyo Olympics, have been unable to practice except for voluntary training, calling on member national organizations and others to refrain from practicing.

After thoroughly implementing measures to prevent infection, The All-Japan Government has compiled a guideline that will be gradually enabled from next month.

According to it, as a condition of the resumption of practice,
Submit a health care table that records body temperature, etc.,
Disinfection of common areas such as tatami mats and toilets,
For the time being, we are asked not to use shared lockers or showers, and to carry out nine items, such as not using a shared locker or shower.

On top of that, we divided the stages of practice into three different stages according to the social situation, and summarized the outline according to each one.

▼When school and club activities are partially resumed due to the relaxation of outing restrictions, players wear masks and take up space of about four tatami mats per person, and only practice that does not combine with opponents, such as passive, is possible, and the practice time is set to be within one hour.

Next, the situation in which all of the school activities and club activities have resumed is “stage 2”, and the wearing of the mask continues, and it is assumed that it is possible to drive in the person who does not change the other party to be combined for about an hour.

▼When a new infected person in the region does not go out for a certain period of time, and the movement restriction is lifted, it is possible to do the disorder etc. which combine with the other party without wearing the mask for the first time at this stage, and the practice time was assumed to be within an hour.

On the other hand, the implementation of foreign matches and tournaments is considered to be a further step, and the All-Jiren is expected to call for a postponement or suspension for the time being.

Soya Nakazato, Managing Director of The All-Soft Ren, said, “The priority now is to prevent the spread of infection rather than to improve competitive ness. We have to think about what we should do while we can’t do things like turbulence.”