Kendama’s online test attracts attention in the outing self-restraint of the spread of corona infection

Kendama’s online test attracts attention may 22 in self-control of the spread of corona infection 9:31

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues to impose self-imposed control of going out, the online test, which allows children to test the technique sought by Kendama while at home, is attracting attention mainly on children.
According to the Japan Kendama Association, the Public Interest Corporation of Kendama, “Kendama”, is becoming more popular in Japan and other countries around the world, and the association conducts tests to test the proficiency of the technique.

Previous tests have been conducted in a face-to-face format in front of the judges, but since the new coronavirus has continued to self-impose the rest of the company, we started an online test that can be tested on the Internet from 27 th last month.

In the test, the applicant is connected to the judges online, show edamame skills, and be issued a certificate if successful.

According to the association, there have been dozens of online tests in the past, mainly for children from all over the country, and dozens of inquiries have been received in a day.

It costs money to issue a certificate, but the test is free, and Sachiko Tsutsumi, executive director of the Kendama Association of Japan, said, “Although the effects of the infection continue to be onthe receiving date, I would be happy if you could learn about the appeal of kendama through the online test.”

The online test is being recruited until the 31st of this month and will be extended next month.

More than 30,000 popular kendama techniques

The old-fashioned toy “Kendama” has been gaining popularity among young people for several years, and some people post videos of their skills on social networks.

According to the Japan Kendama Association, which promotes the spread of kendama, its popularity is spreading overseas, and the world championships, which are held in the UK, the United States, and other countries, are also being held in Japan.

In addition, the technique of skillfully manipulating the kendama while wrapping the thread around the finger and “border balance” which puts the tip of the kentip on the ball and the technique of skillfully manipulating the kendama continues, and according to the association, the number of techniques rises to more than 10,000.

Enjoy ing with parents and children during school holidays

Yota Ikebukuro, a fifth grader in Izumiichi City, Kagoshima Prefecture, spent more time playing games at the school, and when her worried mother Reiko, 38, encouraged kendama’s online test, she began to work alone.

On the 4th of this month, I passed the 10th grade for the first test.

School has resumed since the 7th of this month, but Yota-kun is practicing every day, and his parents and sister are also inspired, and the whole family is working on kendama.

On the 19th of this month, Yota-kun took the test with her mother, Reiko. Both of them passed the sixth grade and challenged for the fifth grade.

The test also included the technique of “airplane” to put the tip into the hole of the ball that both men had never succeeded in the practice so far.

Reiko succeeded in the first time, and Yota-kun failed, but she did not give up and succeeded in the third time, and passed.

“I was happy. Kendama is happy if she succeeds, and even if he fails, he can try again.”

Her mother, Reiko, said, “I was worried that the school holidays continued and I couldn’t see the end. When we played kendama together, we could spend the same time together as a family, and it was fun. I want to encourage everyone as well.”

High school students with developmental disabilities “Kendama gives me confidence”

Ryuo Uematsu, a senior high school student living in Sapporo, where he continues to go out and go, has developmental disabilities and has been unable to attend school for seven years from elementary school until junior high school.

Since the spring of Kotoshi, i was looking forward to a new life because i was going to enter a regular high school, but the school was closed and I have not been able to attend after the entrance ceremony. As the self-imposed control of the outing continues, the recommendation from her mother, Junko, is that Ryuo is practicing for hours a day on days when he begins to work on kendama, which he became absorbed in when he was in elementary school.

I can’t decide my skills well, and sometimes I quit on the way, but I don’t need to practice every day.

Mr. Ryuo tried the online test for the first time on the first day of this month, passed the first class, and on the day of the test, he aimed to become a class.

However, the last technique was not decided, and the pass became carryover.

Mr. Ryuo Uematsu said, “It’s a bit frustrating. Kendama gave me a lot of confidence, so I think he’s a big one who gives me confidence.”

Her mother, Junko, said, “It’s very nice as a family that there is a place where people who can’t go out and have confidence at their own pace, and I think it’s a step forward for them.”