Koichi Hamamura talks about the impact of the Corona Virus on the game industry

Koichi Hamamura, senior advisor for digital entertainment at KADOKAWA and editor-in-chief of the game magazine Famitsu, held an online seminar on May 22. He talked about the impact of the new coronavirus infection on the gaming industry.
 Hamamura pointed out that virtual games were increasing rapidly as real sports such as soccer, tennis and basketball were suspended. In addition, he pointed to positive effects in the short term due to increased contact with games due to demand for nests, and a surge in the number of simultaneous connections to the online service Steam, and a global hit with “The Hot Animal Forest”, such as rising game sales and an increase in new and regressive users.
 On the other hand, it was analyzed as a factor that could be recovered, as well as the postponement of new releases due to the postponement of the rating review, the decrease in development titles due to development delays, the integration and absorption of development studios, and the impact on the launch of new game consoles, which had a negative impact in the medium term. “It was a problem that we had to work on one day to improve efficiency, but this time it accelerated at once,” he said.
 In the long term, the company said that the “era of game service” would begin, with the acceleration of telework in game development, the online ization of exhibitions, conferences, and presentations, and a revamp of the screening system.