Komeito’s supplementary budget proposal “Temporary Grants for Regional Revitalization” to increase the scale of trillions of yen

Komei to increase the amount of “Local Revitalization Temporary Grant” by 14:35 on May 22

In order to organize the Second Amendment budget proposal, which has been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, the Komeito Party proposed to Mr. Kan to increase the amount of “local revitalization temporary grants” by a trillion yen.
Komeito Secretary-General Saito and his colleagues handed Mr. Kan a proposal for the formation of the Second Amendment budget proposal.

In the proposal, we are requesting that the “Temporary Grants for Regional Revitalization” be increased by a trillion yen, of which 1 trillion yen will be used to support business continuity, such as the payment of rents by business operators.

In addition, special allowances are provided to health care workers, nursing homes, and other staff, and new grants are established to support nursing homes and other facilities.

In addition, when the school is reopened, it is also requested to provide about 3 million yen per school for expenses necessary for disinfection of school buildings, and to support corporate financing on a business scale of at least 30 trillion yen.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said, “I would like to respond to my request and work hard.”