Koshien canceled in the summer, and plans its own tournament in Yeoto-ken

Summer Koshien Canceled May 22, 18:54

In response to the cancellation of national high school baseball in the summer, the High School Baseball Federation of each prefecture interviewed whether to hold its own tournament, and it was found that the tournament was scheduled to be held by the evening. In addition, Takanoren is under consideration, and the issues for the event include concerns that there will be injured people due to lack of practice, and that there will be no admission fee income if held without a spectator.
In response to the decision to cancel national high school baseball in the summer, We interviewed Koyaren in 47 prefectures about whether or not to hold their own tournaments in the summer of Kotoshi, and how to hold them.

As a result, it was found that the event was scheduled to be held by the afternoon of The Tokyo, Chiba, Aichi, Gifu, Wakayama, Okayama, Kagawa and Miyazaki.

The remaining 39 Takano ren replied that they were “under consideration”, but more than 10 Takano ren, including Osaka, Saitama, and Fukuoka, are considering it positively, and the tournament is expected to be held in many regions.

As a specific convention method being considered,
▼Held with No Audience,
Tournament System Mainly On Saturday and Sunday,
▼In order to reduce the risk of infection due to long-distance travel and accommodation, there are proposals to run the tournament by dispersing by region.

On the other hand, issues for the event
▼Concern that injured people may come out due to lack of practice
▼In addition to the increase in the burden on the financial side that the entrance fee income is lost when holding it withno spectator,
▼Securing medical staff residing in the stadium
▼Takanoren in various places is considering measures to prevent infection, such as disinfection of the stadium.

Consider operation according to the actual situation of the region

In an interview with The O’Rean, it was found that Takanoren in various regions was considering ways to adapt the management of the prefecture’s own competitions to suit the local situation, such as the number of participating schools.

Specifically, in order to avoid long-term travel and accommodation, there are proposals to distribute the region as much as possible, such as holding tournaments in several areas, and holding prefectural tournaments after block qualifying.

It is also considered to play only one game in the morning and in the afternoon at one stadium.

In addition, because of the lack of physical strength of the players due to lack of physical strength due to lack of practice, there are seven innings per game, to be held on Saturdays and Sundays to ensure class time, and to keep the audience two meters away from each other.

In addition, there is an opinion that it is difficult to position the tournament whether to make it a tournament to make a memorable tournament for the third graders, to decide the winning school, and to consider what kind of response is necessary for takanoren in various places to hold its own tournament in the future.

Various issues to be held

In order to hold a unique tournament of the prefecture, various issues have come up from Koyaren in various places.

The most common was financial anxiety to run the tournament.

If the event is held with no audience, the entrance fee, which accounts for the majority of the operating funds, will be eliminated, and it will be a hindrance to holding competitions after autumn.

And, because the school is closed for a long time, securing the schedule of the tournament is also a problem.

High school baseball tournaments may overlap with regular tests and school events, and if summer vacation is shortened, it is difficult to adjust the schedule because there are fewer holidays without classes.

In addition, there are many people who say that lack of practice increases the risk of injuries and heat stroke.

In addition, there is a concern that there is a possibility that there will be schools in Akita Prefecture that require bus travel of more than one hour, and that schools in remote islands in Nagasaki and Kagawa prefectures will need to travel long distances and stay longer, increasing the risk of infection.