Kyoto Ninwa-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site, resumes viewing

World Heritage Site Kyoto Ninwa-ji Temple resumes visitation May 22 at 13:25

In response to the lifting of the emergency declaration, Kyoto’s World Heritage Site, Ninnaji, resumed its visit, which had been suspended for more than a month.

Ninnaji Temple in Right Kyo-ku, Kyoto, which is registered as a World Heritage Site, had been suspended from viewing since last month, but it resumed on The 22nd after the declaration of an emergency in Kansai prefecture, including Kyoto, was lifted.

People in Kyoto visited from the morning.

The temple is working to prevent infection by installing alcohol disinfectants at reception sit-ins, limiting the number of people who can visit at a time, and calling on visitors to increase the distance between each other by more than two meters.

A man from Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, said, “I had hardly been outside for more than a month when I declared a state of emergency. It’s been a long time since I’ve known about the resumption of the resumption, but it’s really beautiful.”

Masahiro Yoshida, executive director of Ninnaji Temple, said, “During the pause period, many people were looking forward to seeing them, as there were many inquiries. I would like you to come and visit us while taking care of them.”