Liberal Democratic Party members ask party executive to carefully consider “September admission”

“September Admission” carefully reviewed by ldp members volunteers to the party executive may 22 15:47

About 60 MEMBERS of the Ldp have proposed to the Executive Department to carefully consider the “September admission”, saying that they oppose the poor debate.
In response to the prolonged temporary closure of the school due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government and the LDP are considering the impact of the transition to “September Admission” as a countermeasure.

On the other hand, the liberal democratic party’s volunteer members put together a proposal to be carefully considered and offered it to Chairman Kishida.

The proposal sought to oppose the early argument, saying that delaying the enrollment and graduation period could increase waiting children during the transition period and increase labor shortages.

On top of that, we are calling for summer vacations and Saturdays to be used, saying that the top priority is to catch up on children’s learning.

Representative Fumiaki Kobayashi, a member of the House of Representatives who compiled the proposals, told reporters, “The people are worried. There is no “September admission”.