Low-code development tool “FileMaker 19” released — cloud version supports Tokyo Region

Claris Japan released claris FileMaker 19, the latest version of the low code development tool, on May 21. At the same time, claris FileMaker Cloud, a cloud version, has been launched in the Tokyo region.

FileMaker 19 now allows the use of JavaScript. You can now use the JavaScript library and write custom code to incorporate richer user interfaces such as maps, animations, and graphs.

In addition, the user experience has been improved by supporting reading machine learning framework “Core ML”, voice assistant “Siri”, and NFC- near-field wireless communication tag. As a result, it is possible to correspond to use cases such as image classification, emotion analysis, and object detection.

Claris Connect, a workflow automation, has added a connector to connect to the electronic contract service Cloud Sign and the business chat Chatwork. Claris Connect is a cloud service that integrates and integrates apps, services, and data developed by FileMaker. About 50 connectors, including Twitter, Slack, Dropbox, Box and Twilio
are available.

Clarissjapan is focusing on implementing connectors for services widely used in Japan, and plans to add line works and station supa-de.