Marine ships to participate in the multilateral joint exercise in July, Defense Minister Kono

Marine ships will also participate in the multilateral joint exercise slated for August 22 at 13:47

Regarding the “Rim Pack”, a multilateral joint exercise to be held in Hawaii in July, Defense Minister Kono made it clear that maritime self-defense vessels would participate, and said that this exercise was “significant as part of cooperation in the security aspects of japan and the United States.”

The Joint Exercise in the Rimpak-Pacific Rim is held around Hawaii once every year, with troops from around the United States Navy gathering, and will be scaled back in August due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Defense Minister Kono said at a press conference, “The Maritime Self-Defense Force will participate in the Rimpack. From the prevention of the spread of infection, i think it is difficult to make a scene where people interact with each other, but i don’t think it would lead to such a risk if it were a ship exercise.”

On that basis, Minister Kono stressed the significance of participating in the exercises, saying that japan and the United States are cooperating in diplomatic and security issues for the vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific.