Masataka Riita:”I was able to survive well” Corona Virus infection

Masataka Riita “Well Alive” Corona Virus Infection May 22 17:21

Masataka Naita, a professional baseball commentator infected with the new coronavirus, said in response to a telephone interview for the first time since leaving a hospital in Osaka prefecture on Sunday, “I think I was able to survive well. I’ve lost 15 kilos, but I want to recover and show my energy.”
At the end of March, Mr. Naita was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and was admitted to a hospital in Osaka prefecture to confirm the infection of the new coronavirus.

At first, he was in an intensive care unit with difficulty breathing and needed to be fitted with a ventilator, but his condition improved and he was negative after two tests and his physical strength was restored, so he was discharged from the hospital on The 20th.

Mr. Naita said in a telephone interview for the first time since he left the hospital on Sunday, “I think I was able to come back to life well. I didn’t expect to be able to live as usual because I had a long hospitalization period, but I’m in better shape than I thought.”

As for the situation before and after hospitalization, “I don’t remember much after i had a high fever. It’s an overstatement, but I think it was like wandering around the other world and the world in danger.”

“I want to thank the medical staff. He was afraid of infection, and he turned to me with sincerity and encouraged me with a smile.”

As for the future, he said, “I want to show my energetic appearance after i have been able to work hard at home for strength training and recover for about a month because I have lost weight.”

He added, “I think sports can give dreams and excitement, so I want professional baseball players to show their hard play with their soul when they open.”