Matsuko, “Karisome Heaven” in the studio recording for the first time in two months “I was scared”

Matsuko Deluxe and Hiroyuki Ariyoshi recently participated in the recording of the TV Asahi variety program “Matsuko Ariyoshi Karisome Heaven” of the 22nd broadcast today at 20:00 every Friday for the first time in about two months.

From left: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Matsuko Deluxe – TV Asahi

In the studio, social distance is taken, and there is a partition with a transparent acrylic board between each. In the new type of sitting position, Matsuko said, “It’s a little hard to do, this is a laugh,” and Ariyoshi also laughs bitterly, “It’s like a receptionist in a public office.”

“It was hard not to go to the beauty salon, wasn’t it?” When Matsuko nodded to the question, Ariyoshi said, “I thought that harry potter’s hair was long and big, and it was like hagrid”.

Matsuko said that during his stay home, he was “terrible!” Looking back, he said, “I wanted to see how far I could get back to being born.” He said he didn’t take care of his hair, nails or skin, and said, “It’s getting fun, and I thought it would be nice to be out there as it was.”

As for the recording for the first time in two months, Matsuko said, “I was scared. I wonder if I can talk,” ariyoshi recalled, “recently, this time of day, it was time to take a nap.” While getting the impression that “It’s better to think that this situation will continue for a while”, we talk about the future of the tv program and the times, and talk about the thoughts of the recording, which was done by taking a distance from the smallest number of people.

In addition, ariyoshi, which is engaged in controversy over ponzu, and a new development in the watabe construction of the comedy duo Anjash. In this broadcast, Watanabe proposes a “take-out gourmet to eat now”, but there is also an event that reverses Watanabe’s stance on ponzu. What is Ariyoshi’s reaction to it?

In that flow, during the stay home , “What were you doing with the rice?” When it comes to the topic, Ariyoshi says that she has “improved a lot”, and reveals, “I made a lot of macaroni salad, and when I got tired of salads, I made it gratin.”

Furthermore, when it became clear that Ariyoshi had cooked sea bream in a clay pot and that he was growing shiitake, Matsuko instinctively said, “Let’s live together, I’ll clean it!” It invites, and it admires, “This person is after all terrible”.