Minister Nishimura shows his approach to the resumption of socio-economic activities at the time of the cancellation of the Declaration

At the time of the full release of the declaration, Minister Nishimura showed the idea of resuming socio-economic activities May 22 at 12:10

In response to the lifting of the declaration of a state of emergency in Osaka and other Kansai regions, Minister for Economic Revitalization, Nishimura, held a televised meeting with the head of three economic organizations and expressed his basic idea of resuming socio-economic activity when lifting the declaration in all regions, including Tokyo.

In this, Mr. Nishimura, minister of economic revitalization, explained that although emergency declarations continued in tokyo and other metropolitan areas and Hokkaido, the government would cancel the situation next week if the number of infected people decreased and the medical system continued to improve.

He added, “I would like to show in our basic policy how we will proceed with large-scale events, movement across prefectures, and tourism promotion if all are to be lifted,” and expressed a basic plan for the resumption of socio-economic activity when lifting the declaration in all regions.

He said, “We are in a hurry to organize the second supplementary budget proposal, and we want to make a decision around this month, and promptly submit it to the Diet for early approval. In addition, I would like to use this experience as an opportunity to promote social change at once. We would like to deepen discussions with the aim of compiling the policies and growth strategies of The Boneta in the middle of The Month.”

In response, Chairman Nakanishi of Keidanren said, “When we look at the situation overseas, we still can’t get out of our way. Japan has a considerable dependence on foreign countries, including trade, and must review the state of the economy and take firm steps.”

After this, Minister Nishimura held a video conference with Iizumi, chairman of the National Governors Association, and said, “I ask that you refrain from moving across the prefecture until the end of this month, including in the Kansai region, where the declaration has been lifted. We want to ask them not to know where the virus is lurking and to be vigilant.”

He also noted that local governments and other governments are considering an increase in the “Temporary Grants for Regional Revitalization”, which are requested to increase the number of local governments in the second supplementary budget proposal.

In response, Chairman Iizumi said, “There is a sense that the exit has finally come into view, and we are entering a new phase, with the focus on “After Corona”. It is necessary to create jobs because there are many industries affected.”

Chairman Nakanishi Keidanren while thoroughly preventing infection measures to resume the economy

Regarding the government’s policy of deciding next week on the lifting of emergency declarations in tokyo and other metropolitan areas and Hokkaido, Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi told reporters that the resumption of economic activity must be carried out carefully while thoroughly preventing infection.

Regarding the resumption of economic activity after the declaration of emergency was lifted in tokyo and other areas, Chairman Nakanishi said, “It is very dangerous for a full train to suddenly be resurrected at once. We have to be careful.”

On that basis, President Nakanishi said, “I think that people who can work from home must do their jobs, and if they have to go to work, they must take various considerations to avoid the triplets,” and stressed the idea that efforts to reduce contact with people should be continued and thoroughly implemented after the release of the emergency declaration.

Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Hokkaido 25th

At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Mr. Kan said that the number of new people infected in tokyo and Hokkaido, where emergency declarations are continuing, is steadily decreasing, and the situation of medical care is improving, so we will have experts evaluate the situation again early in the week and, if possible, cancel the situation without waiting for the expiration of the period.

When asked by reporters whether Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would explain at a press conference if he decided to remove the remaining areas, Kan said, “It is natural.”