Minister of Law Mori: Gambling Marjan Issue Apology “Continues to fulfill the responsibilities of the Minister”

Mori Minister Of Law: Mtake-Mage-Majan Issue Apology “Continue to Fulfill Minister’s Duties” May 22 19:02

In a declaration of emergency by The Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Mori apologized for his resentment and anxiety to the public, and expressed his intention to continue his duties as minister.
Hiroyuki Kurokawa, director of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, submitted his resignation on Tuesday over the issue of gambling marjan while a state of emergency was declared.

In this regard, Justice Minister Mori said at a press conference, “Attorney General Kurokawa’s actions are grossly inappropriate and i feel a strong regret. As minister of justice, I apologize for the resentment and anxiety of the people of Japan and for undermining trust in the prosecution and the administration.”

He made it clear that he had submitted his own resignation to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and was strongly comforted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s request to continue his duties in order to restore the damaged credibility of the prosecution. It is a very difficult road for me, but i have to proceed without stagnating the legal administration under the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and to rebuild the prosecution.”

Communist Party Chairman Tamura: “It would be strange if we didn’t stop the minister of law”

At a press conference, Mr. Tamura, chairman of the Communist Party’s policy committee, said, “It is impossible that Prime Minister Abe comforted The Minister of Justice Mori who submitted the request. It is strange that the Minister of Justice, who has made an unprecedented retirement extension for inappropriate figures, must quit. The responsibilities of Justice Minister Mori and Prime Minister Abe must be thoroughly pursued, and intensive deliberations should be held at the Budget Committee of both houses of the House of Representatives.”