Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan Jet Development Plan to Drastically Review

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Domestic Jet Development Plan to Be Revised May 22 at 17:49

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is developing the first domestic jet liner, has decided to drastically review its development plans, including the immediate development of a 70-seat aircraft, due to the delay in development and a major impact on business performance. Development is facing a tough situation as the spread of the new coronavirus increases and future aircraft demand becomes uncertain.
According to the officials, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has decided to significantly review its development plans for Mitsubishi SpaceJet, the first domestic jet liner being developed by its subsidiary.

Specifically, the 90-seat aircraft, which has already been tested for flight testing to obtain model certification, will put off the production of mass production aircraft.

In addition, the aircraft of the seat class that was scheduled to be developed as a mainstay in the future is to be foreseen for the time being.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries posted a large loss in its financial results for the fiscal year ended March due to delays in the development of jet liners, and the profit and loss of its core business fell to a deficit for the first time in 20 years.

In addition, the spread of the new coronavirus has made the demand for aircraft uncertain in the future.

As a result, the company has decided to reduce development costs for this fiscal year to approximately 60 billion yen, which is about half of the previous development costs, and has decided to review its development plan.

As a result, the delivery time of the first aircraft, which was assumed to be “after fiscal 2021,” will become more uncertain, and the development plan for japan’s first jet liner is facing severe difficulties.