Mr. Kurokawa resigns as opposition minister to resign as Minister of Justice to work to restore trust

Mr. Kurokawa resigns from the opposition Minister of Justice, Justice Minister, May 22, 12:06

On the issue of the resignation of Mr. Kurokawa, the chief of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, who was gambling in the declaration of a state of emergency, the opposition party urged the opposition committee to resign, saying that the responsibility of Justice Minister Mori, who extended Mr. Kurokawa’s retirement, was heavy, while Minister Mori expressed his intention to restore the credibility of the prosecution and to rush to select a successor.
In this, Mr. Takeshi of the sect such as the Constitutional Democratic Party said, “Such a situation occurs, and a serious trouble has occurred to business continuity based on the government’s decision to extend the retirement age of Mr. Kurokawa in January. Mr. Kurokawa’s extended work might have been a mistake. Do you have any intention of taking responsibility for the minister himself and resigning?”

In response, Minister Of Justice Mori said, “At that time, we decided that it was necessary to deal with complex and difficult cases within the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office, and we believe it was appropriate.”

He added, “I am acutely aware of my responsibilities. Last night, I was strongly comforted when I submitted a request to Prime Minister Abe. I would like to do what I can to restore the credibility of the prosecution, even though it is a difficult road.”

Mr. Aisaka, chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, said, “I understand that i have no choice but to choose a successor, but I think it is not possible for Minister Mori, who said that it is difficult to replace Mr. Kurokawa with an extra person, can not find a successor.”

In response, Minister Mori said, “At the time of the Cabinet meeting, i believe that the decision was appropriate, but now the seat of the Tokyo High Prosecutor’s Office is vacant, and there is a serious hindrance to the continuation of the business, so I would like to make a prompt decision on my successor.”

In addition, Minister Mori said that he was aware of the handling of retirement benefits to Mr. Kurokawa in accordance with the law.

On the other hand, Ryuji Kawahara, director of the Criminal Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, revealed that Mr. Kurokawa had been riding in the same newspaper reporter, although the date could not be identified, and the same newspaper reporter, who had been gambling about once a month for about a year, and was on the same hire where reporters would ride when he came home.