Mr. Mori resigned as Attorney General Kurokawa “paid for retirement benefits without re-investigation”

Mr. Kurokawa resigned as “severance pay without re-investigation” Mori Minister Of Law May 22 18:42

Regarding the resignation of Mr. Kurokawa, director of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor’s Office, who had been gambling in the declaration of a state of emergency, Justice Minister Mori expressed the recognition that the House of Representatives’ Financial Affairs Oversight Committee had no intention of re-examining Mr. Kurokawa and that his retirement benefits would also be paid.
In this, Mr. Yuichi Goto of the National Democratic Party of Japan said about Mr. Kurokawa’s handling of retirement benefits, “The Retirement Allowance Act, which sets the standard stipulationstipulating retirement benefits for national public servants, has a provision to withhold payments, but it may not be paid if there is a crime. Shouldn’t we do a good re-investigation?”

In response, Justice Minister Mori said, “The investigation necessary to dispose of it has been completed and we are not considering a re-investigation. It is up to law enforcement agencies to decide whether or not to commit a crime, and we cannot determine whether it is possible at this time.”

On that basis, he stated that retirement benefits would be paid in accordance with the provisions of the Retirement Allowance Act, and expressed the recognition that retirement benefits would be paid.