Mr. Okae’s “To the Heavens” Children and LINE Last Message 21 Days Before His Death

TBS variety program that was broadcast on the 22nd[Bakuho The friday” (friday 19:00-20:00) to remember actress Kumiko Okae, who died suddenly on April 23 due to pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, and broadcast a famous scene of the station’s daytime drama “To Heaven and The Morning”, in which Okae plays the mother of maruyama, a large family with 13 children. The cast of the child actor also appeared, and talked about the episode with Mr. Okae.

Kumiko Okae

The performers were Akira Takao, the eldest son, Shopei, Mr. Yukiyo Takizawa, his second daughter, Rokutoko, Mr. Tomomi Yamada, Four Women, Yanako, Takaaki Hiyoshi, Rokuo, Juro, Andy Hiruta, Seven O, and Shiro. “I’ve never seen a face that seems to be painful in the field,” he said. If you say something, we were laughing together, and it really applies to people like the sun.”

Mr. Okae said that when his third son, Taro Kanesugi, died in 2009, he was saddened to see his real son die. Since then, okae and her husband, Katsuhiko Watahiki, have come together once a year. He also made a family line group and contacted each other on birthdays.

In the midst of becoming one again as a family, the sudden news of Okae’s death. Mr. Takao, the eldest son of Shohei, said, “My mother has passed away. I couldn’t believe it, i couldn’t help it, and i couldn’t stop shaking.” Mr. Yamada, who plays four women and Yanako, said, “I can’t catch it, and I can’t understand it,” and Hiyoshi, who plays the sixth and toe, said, “I’m shocked. My heart has lost my support.”

On April 2, the day before Mr. Okae contracted the Corona Virus and had a fever, he also introduced the last message from Mr. Okae, who arrived at the Maruyama family’s group LINE. It’s like, “Nine! Happy birthday to you! It is said that it is a message which celebrates the birthday of 5s and nine Yuzawa Shingo, and it is carved in children’s chests now.

Mr. Takao said, “She is a kind mother. I think that there was a painful time even Mr. Okae. We didn’t even know it was breast cancer. I don’t think i wanted to show such a weak point,” says Yamada and Hiyoshi, “My mother was always bright, so I really learned to walk forward.” I want to teach that to my children as well.” And he said, “I’m not going to say goodbye. Thank you, Mom,” the children reflected a message to Okae.