“Nadeshiko Japan” Yuka Mogi Rice Moved to Rain

“Nadeshiko Japan” Yuka Mogi Rice Moved to Rain U.S. May 22 14:10

Japan National Football Team’ Nadeshiko Japan’s Yuka Momiki has been selected from Nadeshiko League’s Nippon Tere Bereza to Rain FC in the American League.
The 23-year-old Mogi is a midfielder who is 1 meter 53 centimeters tall and is good at accurate positioning and movement reading his opponent’s movements.

With a track record in the Nadeshiko League, the Japan national team has been a mainstay, including joining the women’s World Cup last year, playing in 31 games and scoring 10 goals.

It is that the mogi player decided the transfer by the offer of the acquisition from Rain fc after the United States tour of the Japan national team held in The Moon.

“The tokyo Olympics were postponed due to the new coronavirus, and it was difficult to make a decision while the games were not available. I thought it was a chance to have one chance in my life, so I decided I couldn’t afford to miss it.”

He is scheduled to join the team after leaving for the United States on Sunday to stay in the United States, including undergoing a virus test.