Nendoroid of Hinata Masamune

Scheduled to be released in September 2020 “Nendoroid Hinata Masamune” 5,091 yen (tax excluded)

From the swords training simulation game “Swords Ranmai-ONLINE-“, “Hinata Masamune” is three-dimensional in the 2.5-life deformed figure Nendoroid series, will be released in September 2020. The price is JPY 5,091 .1.1[Nendoroid Hinata Masamune]is a figure that was three-dimensional as nendoroid swords man[Hinata Masamune]. Replacement facial expression parts are available three types of “normal face”, “combat face”, “smile”.

In addition, the sword can be reproduced in the state of “no-sword/sword”. In addition, it is said that parts that were referring to the illustrations of[game implementation commemoration].

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