Netflix establishes support fund for film and drama producers – contributing approximately $100 million

On March 22, Netflix, a video distribution service, announced that it had established the Netflix Film and TV Drama Production Support Fund to support the lives of production workers in Movies and TV Dramas in Japan, and entrusted the secretariat to the Video Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), a non-profit organization.

Netflix established the “Support Fund for Film and TV Drama Production Workers”

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, many movies and dramas around the world have been forced to postpone or stop production. In response, Netflix established the Netflix Film and TV Drama ProducerSupport Fund in VIPO, which aims to provide short-term support for people who are engaged in domestic film and tv drama production, which have a significant impact on their lives. We entrusted the company with secretariat work from recruitment to payment, and contributed approximately 100 million yen from the support fund established in January this year to support the creative industry.

Kazutaka Sakamoto, director of Netflix Content Acquisitions, said, “It’s our mission to create content to bring joy to people. It is because of the presence of Japanese production people that Netflix has been able to deliver so many great works to its members. We hope that this initiative, which will help us with VIPO, will help people involved in the production of films and TV dramas that are currently being hit hard.”

On the other hand, Mr. Toshifumi Masuda, deputy director of the VIPO Secretariat, said, “The Japan Organization for the Promotion of Video Industry (VIPO), a non-profit organization, agreed with the purpose of netflix’s relief fund and decided to act on behalf of the administrative procedures. We hope to be able to help the video production staff in difficult situations.”

In addition, the recipients of the Relief Fund will begin accepting applications from online forms published on the Relief Fund page in the near future, based on the principle of “those who are eligible for freelance staff, such as main staff, assistants, coordinators, etc. in each production and technology department.” Details on how to apply and the subject will be announced by the VIPO Fund Secretariat at a later date.

Netflix announced last month that the number of paid members increased by 15 percent (15.7 million) from the previous year and more than 183 million worldwide due to the new coronavirus and the accompanying self-imposed control.

♦Netflix Film and TV Drama Production Support Fund

Eligible for payment: Freelance staff engaged in domestic film and TV drama production who can prove the postponement or suspension of the project due to the influence of coronavirus (excluding netflix original works)

Eligible positions: Main staff, assistants, coordinators, etc. in the production and technical departments below

Production department (assistant director, etc.)
Production division (production progress, acting office, vehicle charge, etc.)
Photography department (special effects, special effects, visual effects, etc., assistant s)
Lighting department (assistant scan is also possible)
Recording department (sound and effects, assistant, etc.)
・Art department (equipment, decoration, costume, hair dressing, makeup, hair makeup, special effects, etc.)
Editorial department (assistant son is also available)
Scripter division (assistant is also available)

Application: Application Relief Fund Page from an online form accessible from the Relief Fund page

Application start date: Around 13 o’clock on Thursday, May 28

Application period: Application start date – End of June – Application ends when the number of applications reached on a first-come, first-served basis

Payment period: about two weeks from application

Amount paid (bite): 100,000 yen

Number of people available: about 1,000

We hope for the safety and health of outstanding production workers throughout Japan who support the content industry, which is the foundation of Japanese culture, and we hope that this will help people with a large impact on their lives to feel at ease.