No resale of alcohol disinfectant, etc. from the day of the

Alcohol disinfectant, etc. from 26 May 22 16:46

Resale of alcohol disinfectants, etc. that continue to be thin is prohibited by law after this month. The ban on resale will be a measure following the mask, as demand is expected to increase with the resumption of socio-economic activity.
New resale bans include disinfectant ethanol, disinfectant containing ethanol, hand soap, disinfectant sheet with ethanol concentration of 60% or more, disinfectant towels, food additives, and sake.

Individuals and traders are prohibited from reselling at higher prices than the purchase price, and if violated, they will be punished with imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine of not more than 1 million yen, or both.

The legal resale ban is a measure following the mask and will come into effect this month.

While the spread of infection of the new coronavirus continues to be in a state of poor alcohol disinfectant, auction sites and flea market apps, even though the operating company has indicated a policy of restrictions and prohibition of listings, high-priced listings are one after another, the purchase of resale purposes has become a problem.

Manufacturers continue to increase production, but with the resumption of socio-economic activity, demand is expected to increase in the future, so the government amended the Cabinet Order at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday to ban resale under the law.